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About Us

Who we are ?

Established in 1998, Nanjing Eastsun textiles co., ltd is the world famous manufacturer who specialized in all kinds of:

natural fur / faux fur(fake fur)/ fleece / bonded fabrics and relative products.

after 21years' development, now our knitting and dying factory totally cover an area of 100 acres with 240 experienced workers and employees,

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We Became A Professional Group With:

1. modern production facilities: 

a. 32 sets of morden weft cirle knitting machine(including 8sets jacquard knitting machine) which can produce 3000meters fabrics per day...
b. 36 sets of warp knitting machine which can produce 8000meters fleece fabrics/ day...
c. 12 sets of dying machine can dye out 5 tons fur fiber and fleece fabrics.
d. 6 sets of advanced machine can make perfect cutting, polishing , finishing of our fur and fleece fabrics to get perfect quality with good looking and touch.

2.  professional working team: 

a. total 200 experienced workers in our knitting and dying factory.
b. our sales dept with 15-20 professional sales manager who can offer customers good quality, competitive price, prompt delivery and best after-sale service.
c. design dept with 3-5 designers.
c. technique and development dept with 8-10 tenique manager.
d. quality control dept: 8-10 person.

3. high production capacity with stable quality:

our annual output is: 2000000meters( sets) of fur/ fleece/ bonded fabrics and ready made products.

4. quality customer group:

because of our stable quality, competitive price,  prompt delievey time and best professional service,

Eastsun textiles  had won many good customers all over the world.

there are many world famous big brand worked with us, such as....

but as it is our commerical secret, if you want to know more information about our customer group,  i think the 1st step is to set up business relationship

with us then maybe our sales manager can tell you some story....

so pls find the following contact of our sales dept and contact with them firstly...

5. corporate values:

“quality,  service, high efficiency" ,

" honest, professional ,creation"

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6. our self-owned brand:  

we had registered our self-owned brand " Great Sun",  " Phoenix land" in China for our natural fur , faux fur,  bonded , suede fabrics.

also we had registed our self-owned brand " Furug" in USA for our fur rugs products which selled in Amazon.


What We Can Do ?

(1) latest design and stable quality of :

1. all kinds of faux fur ( fake fur) can be used for garments fur, toys fur and relative products.

a. imitation mink fur fabric

b.  imitation fox fur . fabric

c.  imitation raccoon fur fabric .

d.  imitation rabbit fur fabric .

e.  imitation sheep fur fabric .

f.  all kinds of  imitation fur hats , vests, scarves, coats...

g. all kinds of fur toys.

h. all kinds of fur rugs.

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2. all kinds of natural fur and relative products.

a. natural mink fur.

b. natural fox fur.

c. natural raccoon fur.

d. natural rabbit fur.

e. natural sheep fur.

f.  all kinds of natural fur hats , vests, scarves, coats...

3. all kinds of micor fiber fleece fabrics and relative products.

a. coral fleece.

b. sherpa fleece.

c. mink fleece.

d. flannel fleece.

e.  all kinds of  fleece made toys, blankets, throws and rugs...

4. all kinds of suede fabrics: 

a. solid col suede.

b. printing suede .

c.  foiling suede

d. embossing suede .

5. all kinds of suede bonded fur fabrics and relative products.

a. solid col suede bonded faux fur.

b. printing suede bonded faux fur.

c.  foiling suede bonded faux fur.

d. embossing suede bonded faux fur.

f.  all kinds of bonding fabrics made rugs,  vest, coats, jackets, boots....

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All our prouducts comply with international quality standards and are greatly appreiated in a variety of different markets throughout the world...

in the mind of Eastsun people, Quality is our life,  only with good and stable quality, we can get our customers satisfied and keep long time cooperation with them.

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(2) competitive price:

professional technique, high efficiency,  strictly quality control in each process of production all lead to competitive price ,

and only based on stable quality, latest designs with competitve price, we can win the market and customers all over the world...

(3) prompt delivery:

because of the high efficiency of our knitting , dying factory and the fast reaction of our sales team,  we always offer our customers

prompt delivery for our natural fur , faux fur, fleece fabric bonded fabrics and suede fabrics and relative products.

during production, we will always keep our customers informed the situation so that we can control and settle all the problems

within the shortest time to offer customer prompt delivery time  without any delay.

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(4) best service: 

All memebers of our sales team are graduated fm textiles institute , they are experienced in the technique of our natural fur , faux fur, fleece fabric

bonded fabrics and suede fabrics, also they had good ability  in English, so they can offer customers professional service for all processes  fm samples making to after-sales service.

what is our goals and vision?

(1)meeting the request fm customers all over the world and offer them lastet designs, best quality and service.

(2) To be the best one in the field of :    faux fur, natural fur , polyester fleece  ,bonded fabric, suede fabric and relative products

(3) based on our perfect quality, brand-new design, best service, lifelong efforts, to create a world-renowned Eastsun textiles !

How To Find Us ?

Nanjing Eastsun Textiles Co., Ltd.

Add: Eastsun garden, No 20, Zitanyuan, Royal Landscape,

No: 20,Jiangjun Road, Jiangning Area, Nanjing ,China.

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